Get to know me

I've had my blog for about a year now and realised I've got nothing about me on here. I found a 'get to know me' post and thought I would answer a few questions & combine it with a 'this or that' post. Hopefully you'll know a little bit more about me after reading! Get... Continue Reading →

Easy & healthy – Teriyaki Chicken

I made this delicious Teriyaki Chicken for dinner last night & posted it on my previous blog post "Unwind with me - cozy evening" so if you haven't already then check it out by clicking here. This recipe is super quick, super easy, healthy & very yummy. The ingredients I used for this dish are: -... Continue Reading →

Hanogram phone case review

Omg guys you NEED to get yourselves a phone case from Hanogram. Not only do they have loads of gorgeous designs for you to choose from, they also have custom design cases where you can enter any text of your choice. They've got a range of stunning floral, classic marble, lace, animal, fruits & so much... Continue Reading →

Detox Water Ideas + Benefits

There are so many different ways to make detox water with many combinations of your favourite fruits and herbs. Not only do they have plenty of benefits for you, but detox water also makes drinking water a little less boring. Here are some of my favourite detox waters and their benefits + some other ideas to try.... Continue Reading →

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