L’oreal Lipstick + Lip gloss review


I realised I don’t own much drugstore makeup nor have I tried many. I think the only drugstore product I use often is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer & I’ve tried a few foundations from various brands. Anyways, I decided to try out a lipstick & went for one by L’oreal but while choosing the shade I came across a lip gloss I wanted to try out as well.

The lipstick is Nude 235 & the lip gloss is Girl On Top 101P1020597

Lip Gloss: Girl On Top 101
I really didn’t expect this lip gloss to be pigmented, I thought it would be one of those that have pretty much no tint once you put it on so I was very pleased with this. I actually really like this lipgloss because I own more brown tones lip glosses & I love peach tone lips so this is definitely going to be a product I will use often. Another thing I love about it is the fact that it’s not a sticky & tacky lip gloss it’s actually quite light & smooth.

Lipstick: Nude 235
I also really liked the lipstick, it was very creamy which is different for me because I usually go for matte lip products which are mostly quite dry. I also think it’s a great colour as it is a more enhanced version of my natural lip colour. I think this would be the perfect lipstick for a natural no makeup kind of look.

I thought I’d put them together and see how they pair together and was very happy. Again I think this is the perfect combination for a natural makeup look or paired great with a heavy eye makeup look.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! xo

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