Night Market finds

Every year in Melbourne there is a winter night market at the Queen Victoria Market filled with amazing food and little stores. I usually go for the food but tonight I decided to have a look at the little stores set up.

The first store I went to was Petal. This store was gorgeous and have a wide selection of products ranging from various essential oils, face oil, hand/body cream, face cream, soaps, face mist, teas and much more. I decided to pick up a lavender essential oil and a rose & lavender face cream, lastly I decided to pick up a french earl grey tea which I have a cup of right now and it is incredible! I managed to snatch up the very last packet of this tea, it’s got a bit of a mango after taste.

They’ve got an online store which unfortunately only ships within Australia so if you live here then I highly recommend you check them out on

Next I got this bar of soap made from avocado oil and goats milk. It’s a cherry blossom scent and smells amazing. It was $3.60 for a piece and its a lot bigger than this picture makes it look so I think it’s definitely worth it.

Finally I decided to get this mini cupcake soap just because it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It was $1. I thought it was a bath bomb at first which I think they had but a lot bigger so I decided to stick with this.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post,

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