Key products for bright, youthful & even skin.

It’s been wayyyy too long since my last blog post! I’m sorry guys! I’ve had essay upon essay upon essay & I’ve got an exam later this week for the most stressful class ever. BUT after this week I am completely free from all things uni (for a while) & I’m so ready to focus on my blog & put together some good content for you.

But for now, I wanted to share with you guys these products I’ve started using that are complete game changers. My skin tone make scarring pretty obvious and I’ve mentioned before that when I get a pimple scar it stays on for AGES. For just over a month now I’ve been using these products and have seen a big change in my skin, not just lighter scarring/brighter skin, but better texture and overall look.

  1. Boscia – Exfoliating Peel Gel
    If you don’t already know, Boscia is by far one of my favourite skincare brand, I’ve used many of their products and don’t have a bad thing to say about any of them. The first thing I love about this product is that there is no beads in it which most exfoliating products do, it’s quite gentle and doesn’t cause redness.Product description:
    “A lightweight peeling gel that delivers gentle exfoliation for deeper, more thorough cleansing results. This peel gel works in three ways: as a physical peel to remove the outer layer of dead skin, as a chemical peel to penetrate deep into skin for in-depth exfoliation, and as a treatment to firm and brighten for a healthy complexion..”

2.  Dr Dennis Gross – Alpha beta extra strength daily peel P1010741
I’ve spoken about this product before and really love the results. It’s quit a pricey product so I have stuck with the 5 day set (there are 30 & 60 day ones) I think I’d probably go & purchase the bigger sets because it is worth it. This product is a best-seller in stores & is described as a two-step product that improves your skins texture, tone, clarity and radiance. Although I do not find the ultra strength too harsh on the skin, there is also a gentle version so if you’ve got sensitive skin but want to try it out then I’d definitely recommend that.

3. Glamglow – Flashmud Brightening Treatment

So I tried out a sample of this product and absolutely loved it. I only used it for 3 days (it’s recommended you use this product for 3 days straight when you first try it out) & I was shocked at the result! In just 3 days I saw a massive difference in my skin, my scarring went down tremendously. I’ve just ordered myself a full size which should be arriving in the next 1-2 days & I can’t wait to continue using this. I would highly highly highly recommend this product to anyone & everyone. I’ve now tried every single one of the glamglow masks & I have to say this is without a doubt my favourite.

Product description:
FLASHMUD™ is a multi-sensorial quick results brightening treatment. Powerful & Innovative multi-brightening complexes help to create the brightest, lightest & luminous perfect skin!
The TEAOXI Technology in FLASHMUD™ is White Birch Leaf. It delivers natural Betulin, Betulinic Acid & Ellagic Acid to create an improved color balanced skin tone. WhiteEnergy™ is a brilliant fusion of powerful natural actives to create intense bright & even results. Flashlucent™ is a combination of skin translucency optimizers featuring 3 levels of exfoliation to drive ingredients into the skin for luminous younger looking skin. Reflectrum™ is a blend of brightening ingredients boosted with diamond photoluminescence to increase the reflecting level of the skin and make it appear radiant & more attractive. Designed for Instant & Extended results for Men & Women of all ages, all skin types & all skin tones.

Thank you guys for reading! Again, i’m sorry for the lack of posts I will be uploading a lot more after this week & try to get lots of different content posted every few days.

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