Unwind with me – Cozy evening

So it’s autumn here & it’s getting colder in Melbourne, which also means I fell sick 😦 so going full cozy mode is exactly what I need & I thought I would share with you guys my evening.

So the key item, which is a MUST for me, is candles. I like to light a few in my apartment & it instantly gives a super cozy feel.

I decided to cook dinner for my boyfriend & I tonight, I needed something quick & easy but still healthy so I decided to make some teriyaki chicken with vegetables & brown rice.
Trust me, it was delicious! (I did take pictures of each step making this so if you’d like to know how to make this let me know in the comments & I’ll upload it for my next blog post)

After my shower I applied the vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser which is one of my favourites. It’s so lightweight but still so moisturising, it doesn’t feel greasy or uncomfortable.
& with my obsession, I obviously had to apply a mask so naturally I chose a mask by my all time favourite, Boscia.

I could not have a cozy night without music so I love to listen to a playlist I put together on Spotify.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.48.01 PM.png

Another thing I love is making myself a cup of tea & one of my favourites is green tea.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.43.59 PM
To end the night I like to put on a movie so I usually pick something on Netflix. We went for Conjouring 2 tonight & I forced my boyfriend to watch “Hop” in the spirit of easter.

Hope you guys are having a lovely easter weekend, & I hope you enjoyed this post!

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4 thoughts on “Unwind with me – Cozy evening

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    1. kako estoy contigo, hay malísimas traducciones de libros, hace poco compré y me pasó algo así¡¡ por eso siempre intento ir al original …El falafel es uno de mis platos preferidos, me encanta, y esta opción creo que en casa va a triunfar, mucho más cómodo de tomar para llevar fuera, me encantan la opción de la pasta filo, creo que este finde lo pondré en práctica, se ven deliciosos¡¡.Un besote fuerte


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