Favourite scented products

Todays post will be all things scents. These items are my top picks from products I own that I think smells the best, from items like perfumes to hair products to house fragrances. I will start of with the basic,



  • YSL Black Opium (right) – This is my all time favourite perfume. I get bored of perfumes quite quickly, I usually need 3 or more different perfumes at a time so I can switch it up everyday but this is the one & only perfume I’ve stuck with & use 90% of the time & it never gets old.
  • YSL Mon Paris (left) – Another great perfume. So like I mentioned I do get quite bored of perfumes quick & I’m not going to lie I did get bored of this after a couple of months of only using it but it’s a lot more bearable for me than other perfumes.

Hair products:


  • Garnier Full & Luscious Volume Booster Texturising Spray (left) – Not only does this make your hair smell incredible but it’s a great product to give your hair extra volume. I’ve gotten a few compliments about the smell of this texturising spray.
  • Tresemme Botanique Shampoo (right) – I try to mix up my shampoos now & again & I’ve used many tresemme shampoos & find that they all have the same scent, which is nice but not my favourite. This one smells like the best candy you’ve ever smelt I just LOVE the smell of my hair after taking a shower.

Body Wash + Hand Sanitiser:


  • Bath & Body Works Shower gel in Dark Kiss – I’m OBSESSED with Bath & Body Works shower gels. Unfortunately my all time favourite is from the winter collection & it’s “Sparkling Snow” but the dark kiss is my favourite from their signature collection, so much so that I have it in body mist & body lotion as well.
  • Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial hand gel in Vanilla Berry Sorbet – I briefly spoke about this in a pervious  post, this hand sanitiser smells nothing like vanilla but it’s got this incredible scent, whenever I use this it’s quite strong at first but trust me it’s a great smell.

Home Fragrances (Candles + Diffuser):


  • White Barn Cactus Blossom & Bergamot Waters, I will light this candle up for 10 minutes & my entire living room just smells amazing. I got to say I prefer the Cactus Blossom a little bit more but they’re both definitely my top two from the White Barn candles.


  • Jo Malone Scent Surround Diffuser in Pomegranate Noir – Out of all the Jo Malone fragrances the Pomegranate Noir is by far my favourite. It’s a great home scent & the pomegranate noir perfume is also amazing, although it’s a little pricey I definitely recommend this for a home scent.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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