4 products for smooth plump lips

Naturally I do have quite plump lips, but when I don’t take care of my them on a day to day base they do get quite dry. These are my 4 main products I use to maintain smooth soft lips & how I make them even more plump.


The products I use are:
– Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly
– Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker pillow plump xxl
– Lush lip scrub (Popcorn)
– Etude House cherry jelly lips patch (vitalizing)

So I use the lush lip scrub about twice a week, but every night before bed when I brush my teeth I also use the toothbrush to lightly brush the lips. I then cover them with some petroleum jelly & sleep with it on. I love the result I get the next morning.

Ribbet collage.jpg

If I am going out & use the lip scrub I will use the Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker pillow plump xxl in clear just to get a little extra plump.


This is one of the few plumping lip glosses that I can see make a difference for me.


I am obsessed with face masks, I use one more or less every night so another thing I have been loving is this lip mask from Etude House which is a Korean beauty store. I’ll use these once every few weeks & not only does it make my lips incredibly smooth but I find that it actually plumps them too.

Hope you find these simple tips helpful & enjoyed this super quick post!



3 thoughts on “4 products for smooth plump lips

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  1. Omg i was gonna buy that soap and glory lip plumper the other day but wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth the money or not! I’m totally gonna grab it next time at Target now. 🙌🏽


    1. You should definitely give it a try, I’ve stuck with it for a few years & still haven’t found one that works better for me! But i’d also recommend using it after a lip scrub I think that gives the best result. 🙂

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