Detox Water Ideas + Benefits

There are so many different ways to make detox water with many combinations of your favourite fruits and herbs. Not only do they have plenty of benefits for you, but detox water also makes drinking water a little less boring. Here are some of my favourite detox waters and their benefits + some other ideas to try.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Alexandra, I am Singaporean, Swiss & Australian. I was born & raised in Singapore but I am now living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm in my second year studying media & communications majoring in Journalism. I love all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle & travel so my blog will mainly consist of posts under... Continue Reading →

My two go to’s…

Glamglow & Boscia are by far my top two brands at the moment. I've been using the Boscia luminizing black mask for over 3 years now and started trying some of their other products and became obsessed with the brand. I've resisted Glamglow masks just because the prices are a little high but with everyone talking about... Continue Reading →

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