DIY – Rose & coconut body scrub

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I love buying flowers to decorate my apartment & often stick with basic white or red roses & replace them once they die. I’ve found a great use for my roses once they’re dead & wanted to share it with you guys! Now this DIY can be modified in so many different ways, so it’s great that you will be able to make one that you love or just making one with ingredients you might already have. (It’s so so cheap & works just as well as a body scrub you’d buy at a store).


The ingredients I use for my body scrub is:
– Himalayan pink salt
– Sugar
– Rose water
– 2 dried roses
– Coconut oil

Now like I said you can modify this to your liking & can easily swap out items. I used pink salt to get the colour but you can use regular salt. Instead…

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All things: Liquid lipstick

Tropic Trends

I’ve mentioned in posts before that I usually just use lip balm & a lipliner for my everyday makeup look but when I want to glam it up a bit I like to use liquid lipsticks. I gathered some from brands I love & thought I’d share swatches & how it looks on.

(Brands: Colourpop, Kat Von D, Too Faced, The Balm & Tarte)


I absolutely LOVE how Beeper looks, it’s been my go to for the 2 years or so & I still love it. Trap on the other hand comes out a lot more purple & pale than it looks in the bottle & in swatches, I must say it’s not as pale in person but it definitely doesn’t look like it does in the bottle.

2) P1000625katvond

Lolita has become my favourite liquid lipstick at the moment & as you can see it’s a gorgeous colour, it’s…

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Beauty Benefits of Silk Sheets

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3 On The Go Products For Dry Skin

Hi guys! So today I'll be sharing with you my favourite products for dry skin that not only works AMAZING but are the perfect size to carry around anytime anywhere. It's winter in Australia and the air makes my skin extra dry, these products I'll talk about have helped me so much keeping my skin... Continue Reading →

My Top 8 July Favourites

Hi guys! So I know it's nearly been a week since July finished but I guess it's better late than never. I wanted to share with you guys 8 things I started to love in the month of July, from my favourite beauty product to my favourite movie. Tarte - Brighter Days I love my... Continue Reading →

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